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/phelp [topic]
- ˙about    ansi    away    back    color   config   conv     encode
- ˙echochar friend  key     ls      mass    memo     nickcomp play
- ˙rainbow  rcolor  rk      psave   statbar taway    topbar   tkick
- ˙tquit    url     winhelp mp3     tnick   msgwin   dict     oidle
- ˙omsg     winsave winload
/ansi [name]
- loadable ansi bits. this replaces most headers and footers with 
- ansi's found in the ~/pv/ansi/ dir.  example format of these files
- as followed:
- file: title.pv
-   # author description
- file: evil.h
-   the header ansi
- file: evil.m
-   the border ansi - this needs to be no more than 3 characters for
-   it will be used to fit on either side of the info in the center.
- file: evil.f
-   the footer ansi
- if you want to make an ansi theme, simply experiment and see how
- the others are done. it takes a few times to get the alignment
- right. let me know if you want yours included in the pv pack.
- aliases: theme module
- saves all prevail settings. type /save to save BitchX settings.
/color <#> <#> <#>
- color definition. you must specify three colors.
- aliases: colour
- randomly selects three colors.
/echochar [#]
- echo prompt selection. choose from one of several echo character
- strings.
- aliases: etheme
/nickcomp [#]
- nick completion selection. choose from one of several completion
- strings.
- aliases: ntheme
/statbar [#]
- status bar selection. hmm. i hate doing these help files.
- aliases: sbar stheme status
/topbar [#]
- topic bar selection. use control-y to toggle topic bar on/off.
- aliases: tbar btheme
- toggles the "rainbow of lag" on/off.
- aliases: crazy
- kicks a randomly chosen non-op from your current channel.
/config <#> [n]
- you can configure everything but colors with config. for toggles,
- just type /config <#> to toggle on/off.
- ie: /config f3 who - this binds your f3 key to who.
- aliases: cfg setup
/away [reason]
- sets you away with [reason] and may or may not log messages while
- you are gone, depending on your settings in /config. if no reason
- is supplied, a random reason from your /taway array will be used.
- aliases: gone
/back [reason]
- sets you back after being set away with optional reason.
- deletes your away messages.
- aliases: dellog
- read any away messages that you may have.
- aliases: readlog
/memo [text]
- writes a memo to the memo file. if no text is given, the memo file
- will be displayed to screen.
- reads the file of urls grabbed by BitchX's http grabber.
- /SET HTTP_GRAB and FTP_GRAB ON to enable this.
- attempts to convert an address to numerical ip, and vice versa. @s /s [#] - shortcut for /ctcp cdcc list or /ctcp cdcc send #n - eg: /s will request a list of all packs offered. - /s 3 will request to cdcc send pack #3. @x /x [#] - shortcut for /msg xdcc list or /msg xdcc send #n - eg: /x will request a list of all packs offered. - /x 3 will request to xdcc send pack #3. @page /page [reason] - shortcut for /ctcp page - pages with optional reason. @bword /bword [-l] <[-]word> - shortcut for banwords where you can add, remove/list banned words. - eg: /bword -l will list all banned words. - /bword fuck will add fuck to the banned word list. - /bword -fuck will remove fuck from the banned word list. @encode /encode [-m nick] - encodes and sends to the channel, or msgs nick if [-m nick] - parameter is given. @cig /cig - ignores all PUBLIC from current channel. /tig to remove ignore. @tquit /tquit [-#] [reason] - stores your quit reasons and randomly selects from this list when - needed. use the -# parameter to remove a specific reason. @taway /taway [-#] [reason] - stores your away reasons and randomly selects from this list when - needed. use the -# parameter to remove a specific reason. @tkick /tkick [-#] [reason] - stores your kick reasons and randomly selects from this list when - needed. use the -# parameter to remove a specific reason. @tnick /tnick [-#] [nick] - stores your nick list and randomly selects from this list when your - nick is taken. use the -# parameter to remove a specific nick. @ls /ls [*pattern*] - executes ls -la in your current dir and returns a color formatted - listing. @friend /friend - performs a simple shortcut for /adduser master. master levels are: - VOICE, OPS, BAN, UNBAN, INVITE, DCC, FLOOD @mass /mass [reason] - performs a mass function to entire channel. parameters as follows: - [ o] mass-op - [ r] mass-reop - [ d] mass-deop - [ v] mass-voice - [ q] mass-quiet (devoice) - [ b] mass-ban - [bk] mass-bankick - [lk] kick non-ops - [ k] mass-kick all @winhelp /winhelp - shows submenu for windowing help. - aliases: binds wh @key /key [key] - show channel key, or change it if specified. use /unkey to remove. @mp3 /mp3 [filename(s)] - this will play the specified mp3s if you have mpg123. to stop all - playing mp3s, just type /mp3 without any parameters. - mpg123 can be found at @msgwin /msgwin - this will create a new hidden window where all incoming messages - and notices will go. @dict /dict [-o|-|-*|-o|-l] - queries a dictionary database for 's definition. - [-o] output results to current channel - [-] refers to specified database - [-*] queries all databases for definition - [-o] queries all databases and outputs to channel - [-l] list all dictionary databases @dserv /dserv [database] - toggles between the two default dictionary databases to be used - in conjuction with /dict. if a parameter is passed, it will be - the new default database. @oidle /oidle [server] - this will find the idle time of all the ircops on a server, if - no server is passed it will use the current server. @omsg /omsg [server] - this will send a message to all the ircops on a server, if no - server is passed it will use the current server. @winsave /winsave - this will save your current window configuration. it will save - channels, queries, and window levels. to restore your saved - settings use the /winload command. @winload /winload - this will load your saved window settings made by the /winsave - command. type /phelp winsave to find out more. @about - - 08/16 - fixed repeat/mirccolor kicker, added mass-reop, added middle (*.m) - files. topic bar is now saveable. added a toggle for kick reason - logos. added /mass interface - - 08/19 - changed /config a bit. added /rainbow for the hell of it, added - /topbar, made the different /statbar's prettier as well as the - plist. - - 08/24 - fixed /ansi loader for 72p2-2, added /winhelp (/binds), added - statbar 5 and 6. - - 08/27 - first public release. yay! - - 08/30 - fixed all status bars to include dcc status. fixed /save so it - only saves prevail settings. psykotyk rewrote do.crypt alias. - fixed bug in channel_sync when joining multiple chans at once. - maybe fixed the /ansi bug where it returns blanks if done too much - started using ^wset which means this now requires 73a1+. - - 09/05 - reversed cdcc/dcc status since pana did too. changed send_ctcp's - so it shows all. hmm. not very much else. this looks like a - near-final. again, if you make an ansi theme for prevail send it - to me or fudd@efnet please. this project is running down.. - - 09/10 - added fset support for BitchX-73, fixed a few things here and there. - all bugs found were strictly by fudd and the occational anonymous - email. thanks. - - 09/18!74 - changed a few format set's to allow for BitchX-74 compatibility. - - 09/18!74a5 - bugfix release by fudd. fixed the bug where it would get stuck at - 35% on load. - - 09/26 - fixed window stuff (/wns, /wc, and /wj) to show the double statbar. - changed userlist to match bx's new userlist. added lots of new - ansis. - - 09/30 - fixed /ansi and in other places where close() wasnt being called - right. thanks RoboHak and panasync for the find. alot of this - release needs to be given to fudd. thanks alot man. - - 11/20 - /psave wasnt saving fkey 3. made /ls not show . and .. - added /msgwin to create a window for msgs and notices. - the following changes courtesy of RoboHak: fixed all the bugs - with notify. made /whois able to show ansi in ircnames. also - fixed line wrap in /whois. - - - 01/05 - prevail for BitchX is now maintained by RoboHak and fudd. - This version uses code that will only work in BitchX-74p2 and up. - Most of the code has been redone by RoboHak. since so much has - been changed some bugs might appear. Please report any bugs to -, or RoboHak and fudd in #bitchx on EFnet. - aliases that are not used often will now load when you use them - and unload when they are done, using stub files. local vars were - used when possible. /msgwin was really added this time. - new /dict command. new /oidle and /omsg commands will find the - idle time of all ircops on a server or msg all ircops on a server. - (/omsg was SellFone's idea) new /tnick command will store nicks to - use when your nick is taken, it works like /tquit etc. new /wq - command to create a window with a query for the nick specified. - new statusbar 7 and top bar 4 similar to statusbar 1 in crackrock. - 5 new ansis were added. blockhouse, pheer, phacet, pimpology, and - wired. - - - 01/23 - this is mostly a bug fix release. the /encode bug has been fixed. - the problem where the input prompt did not update when switching - channels with ^X has been fixed. the problem where the scan when - you join a channel would go to the current window instead of the - window for that channel has been fixed. /winsave and /winload - were added, to save and load your default window settings. - default channel modes were also added, and can be set in /config - /dserv was removed, now the dictionary server is set in /config - there is a new option for random quit reasons, if it's off it will - use the prevail logo. if it's on it will try to use any /tquit - entries you have, if you don't have any it tries to use BitchX.quit - and if that doesn't exist it uses the prevail logo. - - new url, ftp or browse to: - [thanks to sync for use of his neato domain] - - - 03/02/2002 - Fixed stub problem that caused most commands not to work with - BitchX 1.0* and updated the version (0123a) to reflect this. - Since seems to no longer be in operation I will - be using my site ( as the official - distribution channel. -fudd

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