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playdough by fudd []

This script originated mostly because I wanted to learn ircII and equivalent
scripting and because I wasnt happy with all the scripts being coded by
other people. Almost all other scripts had all kinds of cosmetics that
either didnt look good in my opinion or just made the script feel bloated.
Not to mention I like the way BitchX looks on it's own. And so emerged
playdough. Later I changed the structure to use modules so that I could
split it into two scripts, one for BitchX and one for EPIC. The correct
modules are loaded by the file 'playdough.irc' in your playdough directory
automatically. The EPIC version does include some (but very few) cosmetics
so if you dont like it, dont use it :). Or change them with the newly added
/fset feature.

NOTE: Playdough is a full standalone script, not just an addon. It is not
      meant to be run on top of other scripts, rather, have other scripts
      run on top of it, or none at all...your choice ;).

Playdough development team: fudd (of course), BlackJac, RoboHak
Beta testers: [m1], MadHack, marc, sellfone, easyme
People that contributed code: BlackJac, RoboHak, nutbar, shade, psykotyk,
Thanks: hop, BlackJac, nutbar, RoboHak, panasync, shade, psykotyk, oweff,
	easyme, MadHack, marc, [m1], void, By-Tor, husk, macker, sellfone,
	Ghent, _od_, jmd

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