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-- evolver changelog --
version 02x9
* implemented autobot, works.. but is quite slow when you join a channel
* you can use /atog to toggle autobot.
* added themes, and such
* added /compare.  will search two channels and find common users.
* added built in seen.  /seen will turn off public seen.
* more oper msgs
* format_ctcp_send finally added!! WOO BABY
* long awaited and needed window commands
* new status bars (11,12,13,14)
* mircsweep added
* ability to add your own color themes, now available.
 `- /ehelp cadd, clist, cshow, csave for details.
* 'ktheme' added for your pleasure, which is kick theme =)
* user-friendly config, use with /config.
version 02x8
* added auto-replies and kicks to loglevel
 `- /loglevel +k and +a to implement them
* added more color, echo, message, and whois themes.
* added version themes, /vtheme to implement.
* fixed the double-showing of wallops
* added theme trading.  /tsave, /tload, /tsend, /tdel
* /ehelp  to get help on their respective topics
* added auto-bot (currently not working)
 `- nice little feature to auto-matically send your password to a bot
    if it matches the one you set. /abot to implement.

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