Script Details

Installation / notes / other shit for embryonic 

1) To install over old version rm -rf old ~/em tar -xzvf em.tar.gz ~/ and
then remove old ~/.emsave and ~/.formats. I added alot of new stuff to 16
and up. If it's a new installation just untar em.tar.gz ~/ and run it and
you'll get the config and stuff. 

2) MAKE SURE YOU DON'T INSTALL AS ROOT. alot of ppl ask me why they can't
read their away log, make sure you didn't install as root first and then if
it still doesn't work ask me. 

3) I've added a lot of stuff from users requests and I have to say keep them
coming, The script isn't even half done yet by all respects so ANYTHING you
want from another script or think should be in, msg me. 

4) you can get embryonic from anonymous ftp: /embryonic .

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