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welp, what can i say? it's been fun, and i hope it continues, cypress has
been the most fun i've had on irc so far, and ive made prolly my best friend
out of it, void and me code well together, and i won't consider doing
another script unless we're both coding it..but anyway..laters 
-- codelogic []
basic commands: 
/config - configure script settings
/chelp - get a full command list
/format - set script formats 
/theme - load preset formats

this has to be the best script I've ever run/wrote. It's been fun working
with codelogic and we've gotten along excellently. I hope we work on projects
in the future. 

void []
don't run on 74p4, lots of things just won't work.
-- Scripting -- 
RoboHak -- you helped me alot with small stuff, and took time to teach me,
thanks a lot :)

shade -- heh, script god. :> psykotyk: same .. mpu > * =] 
psykotyk -- same .. > * -- =]
kasper -- took time to get cyp users and be a friend =]
enoxis -- thank you VERY VERY much for the k-leet shit
drendite - thank you for k-rad ansi as well.
flewid - and thank you for k-rad ascii
polder - ditto as above.
 clogic: gimmie credit! heh.
mydknight - krad fucking ansis
tara - thanks for ansi too.

ppl who are just ereet to us

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