Script Details

               (c)rackrock/bX for BitchX-71 and higher.
                        last fuxed: 5/23/97

The file crk-bx.tgz is to be untarred into your ~/.BitchX directory. if
you place them in a different dir, you'll need to set that dir via the
/config command. if you want the audio samples played when you are opped, 
kicked, banned, and paged, find some sound files in .au format and name 
them,,, and and place them in your 
scripts dir. (eg ~/.BitchX) if you want the example sound files i used, 
(simpsons sounds), just ask me. some changes from 1.3.8 to 1.3.9. Basically 
the same except for the replacement of the behated Cracknet. i finally just
gave up on it, it wasnt worth it having to debug it every other day and 
bleh.. anyway.. 1.3.9 had cavlink implemented in it, but as usual, when i
start working on something, pana ends up coding it himself, so as of 1.4.1,
this doesnt have cavlink, cracknet or any special spiff. sooo.. by request,
i took the cavlink segment and made it compatible with most irc color clients
with or without a script. this cavlink.irc is just an addon, and itll be
floating around if you want it. thanx to many ppl for all the suggestions, 
critism i got about this damn script. JMnemonic, suicide, mathe, BiGhEaD, 
method_, WhiteRose, pX, husk, psykotyk, Ananda, dh, glue, Rayden, oblio, 
ispy, most of #bitchx and #bor.  two elbows up to shade for deep. its as 
good as it sounds.  big werd to _shdragon for his input.  did i mention 
panasync yet? and thank you s0cket for the crackrock url. oh, if you want
to make a crackrock ansi, do :p  ok, now with 1.4.4, the /config was redone
again, the prompts are selectable request of s0cket. the status bars can
have either a blue or black background, and the format_send_away now has
your email address sent, both requested by scribe. other stuff added by
request of Proxy and scribe as well. ok, new offical url for crackrock.
all the others are outdated. new one is


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