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::: cRACKpEBBLE by fiction :::  

This is tha readme for crackpebble 0.5a.........................
new formats and shit, new mirckick (MY OWN, NOT A FUXING RIP)....
and some other stuff, i dont remember.  uhmmmmmm.. more fixes
from 0.4a.  


nuxx 	    - gangster who lives in the ghetto
psykotyk    - scripting GOD!@#@!@!#@  and i made him an ansi
suicide	    - i dunno, homie and i made him 2 ansi's
shiftee	    - keeps telling me to finish his backlash ansi
[nutbar]    - he gave me head a few times
novalogic   - i dunno, he wanted a greet.. and new owner of crackrock
rwf	    - eye got a greet in monkey beanz so here he is­
enoxis	    - PHEER!@@!#@@!##!@  (we pheer each other)
|rain|	    - he sees all my ansi's before anyone else.. soo nyah
panasync    - he made the best fuxing irc client EVER!@@!....
	      and he put my ansi in his next ver of bX.. so PHEER
mhacker	    - ......BLAMMO.......
oweff	    - i pheer oweff.. he eats KFC
zill	    - if yew knew him yew would know.. or something
brady bunch - they own me..


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