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bithxmms - a BitchX showing off script for xmms users

this is a script for people that like to let everybody know what mp3 they are
playin at some point in their ircing experience. as annoying as that might be
if used in proper private environments it can do no harm. just good.

a) from source
	tar -zxf bitchxmms-x.x.x.tar.gz
	make install

b) from binary dist
	tar -zxf bitchxmms-x.x.x-os-arch.tar.gz

both methods will assume that installation is performed w/ root privs.
if you wish to install only for a regular user just copy the bitchxmms binary
and bitchxmms-wrap somewhere in your path and load bitchxmms.bx in BitchX

after you got the binary up and running start BitchX and load the script w/
	/load /path/to/bitchxmms.bx

you cand use /xmms from now on to show off. you can also configure the output
format by editing the args passed to bitchxmms [bitchxmms-wrap]
	%s - track name
	first and second %d are current time m:ss
	third and fourth %d are track length m:ss


* xmms (
* BitchX (
for source installation
* c compiler
* make
* xmms header files

Dan Rusanu
coder/gfxer/whatever (latest version) (personal playground)

* k6/2+ 501mhz
* 128mb ram
* qfb 2.1g + wd 40g hdds
* geforce2mx (borrowed)/au8820/ltmodem/etc

* slackware9/2.4.20
* kate
* pico
* mc

how do you spell that anyway?
* BitchX /ehelp
* Robin Smidsrød  who wrote ctrlxmms. that thing had so
  much perl in it that something had to be done to make it easier
* anyone else who needs to be thanked including people thatll use this

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