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BitchX2 is the current project. While there is no current release to the public
on the new code base, the project is leaning towards merging back
to the current base version of Epic.


Written by "Trench" and "HappyCrappy", was a script for the IrcII client. It was converted to a program on its own right by panasync in 1996.

A debt of gratitude is owed to panasync for his many hours of messing with code to make BitchX the great client that it is. Thanks man, and keep up the good work...

It is written in C and is a console application.

Even if Xchat or others have a friendly GUI, BitchX inludes features which make it an eggdrop, a bouncer and a friendly IRC client in the same time.

BitchX is the most popular IRC client among Unix systems. You can also use it on Windows, but if you had a Picasso painting, would you put it in the bathroom?

It is highly customizable and capable of running scripts, so it can be used as an irc bot too.


BitchX is dominating the IRC market of today, below is a poll of peoples favorite clients:

Favorite IRC Client
Displaying results of the poll.

BitchX - 1386 / 36%
Kirc - 148 / 3%
ircII - 713 / 18%
Mirc - 419 / 10%
Virc - 180 / 4%
Epic - 235 / 6%
Other - 507 / 13%

3818 total votes.

Quite clearly you can see that BitchX is by far the head of the poll =]


  • Built-in ANSI color.
  • Ease of use. BitchX adds dozens of useful command aliases to reduce typing.
  • Built-in notify, protection, bot, and shit lists.
  • Built-in mass commands and tools.
  • Extended set of DCC commands and built-in CDCC offering.
  • Built-in link looker.
  • Extended scripting functionality, including functions found nowhere else.
  • Huge installed user base, an abundance of scripts, and a dedicated help channel (#BitchX on EFNET).
  • Built-in screen client, allowing you to detach and re-attach to an irc session.

  • - Another place where you can get BitchX
  • EFnet - EFNet IRC Network's Homepage
  • Freenode - The last IRC network alive and kicking.
  • Web Directory - Submit your sites
  • IRC Logs - The largest archive of useful IRC logs
  • Name Locate - Surnames distribution around the world.
  • Debian Linux - One of the most popular Linux distribution, specially in Europe.

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